Tailor Made

Process of making a bag

In Bagman, the designing process by which a sensational design is created involves developing ideas, sketching designs, working through the sample making process, modifying the design, making another sample when necessary, grading and finally manufacturing of the bag.

Based on the flow chart as follow, you may understand well about Process of Making A Bag.

Do you know that we are probably the no. 1 Tailor-made bag company in the region? For over a decade, we have successfully proven ourselves to be capable of tailor-making all types of bag according to your budget, requirement and various needs. At Bagman, the team provides tailor-made bag services including OEM, ODM, OBM and below the line advertising tools. we have manufactured products for various international brands with the best quality.

Tailor-made services are categorized into:

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

For product bundling, equipment bags, medical equipment bags, product packaging and etc.

Original Design Manufacturer (ODM)

We design and manufacture a product that is specified and eventually branded by you.

Original Brand Manufacturer (OBM)

We design and manufacture for our own brand which you can refer to www.bagman.com.my/terminus for more details.

Below-the-line Advertisement tools

We design and manufacture to your requirement for product launches, corporate events and gifts.

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